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Try a 'spooktacular' black toothpaste this Halloween!

It’s nearly the witching hour, but there’s still plenty of time to pick-up a non-sugary Halloween treat – Pro Teeth Whitening’s black toothpaste. Pro Teeth Whitening’s non-abrasive whitening toothpaste contains Activated Charcoal, an effective and safe way to clean and whiten teeth which also helps combat plaque, gum disease and bad breath. The black toothpaste is safe to use twice daily and for best whitening results use in conjunction with other Pro Teeth Whitening products. The Pro Teeth Whitening product range includes, a premium non-abrasive teeth whitening powder which is made from finely ground Activated Charcoal, finely ground coconut shell and Bentonite Clay. This powerful whitening formula helps to absorb the toxins and stains in the teeth without harming the...

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