Is Activated Charcoal safe for your teeth?

Activated Charcoal is a popular topic at the moment, especially on social media. You may see a lot of influencers promoting various activated charcoal teeth whitening products whilst scrolling down your Instagram feed. It might look like an attractive product, but you should be aware of the safety of what you're using. Using charcoal on your teeth might seem a daunting prospect for some, and so it's important that you use a trusted and reputable brand like us!

Where to start

Over the past decade, teeth whitening has become a global industry, with many seeking the perfect white smile through dental bleaching treatments or DIY home remedies. If you are new to this teeth whitening trend, it can be hard to know what is the safest, easiest and most cost-friendly way to whiten your teeth. Pro Teeth Whitening products tick all those boxes! We aim to provide high quality, safe and affordable teeth whitening products. Not only that, but our products are also extremely effective! 

Is it safe for my teeth?

Pro Teeth Whitening products are all naturally derived and do not contain peroxide or fluoride. Furthermore, our products are completely safe on your enamel. Our activated charcoal products naturally draws out the tannins - a staining substance found in many foods and drinks - from your teeth leaving them whiter. The activated charcoal does not absorb the calcium salts that your tooth is made of, leaving no damage to your teeth.

What do dentists say? 

Many dentists support this at home natural whitening alternative. Practising Harley Street dentist, Dr Peter McQuillan recommends Pro Teeth Whitening products as a safe and effective way to maintain your beautiful white smile. Pro Teeth Whitening teeth whitening products sufficiently remove stain build-ups we get from food and drink. Once you've got your amazing new smile, it's important to keep it in prime condition by visiting your dentist every six months for a check-up.


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