Dr Peter McQuillan's Guide to the Perfect Smile!

Dr Peter McQuillan, a renowned cosmetic dentist and facial aesthetic authority, practices from his flagship Harley Street practice in London’s West End. Since graduation, Peter has trained across the world in Advanced Dental Restorative & Implant Dentistry and now shares his knowledge teaching dentists and doctors. His practice, Harley Street Dental Studio, offers the latest Gold Standard in dental care using the most advanced dental technology and techniques to perform minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetic treatments. Peter’s international experience in award-winning clinics focuses on non-surgical facial and dental interventions to achieve a perfect smile.

Here are Peter McQuillan’s top three tips for a perfect smile:

1. Straight teeth are a must have for looking good in selfies for the “gram”. Orthodontics has come a long way since the 90s and he rarely uses metal braces. In fact, most of his braces are completely invisible! Dr Peter’s clientele at Harley Street Dental Studio come to see him for just that, a discreet treatment, with the most popular choice being a brace aligner called Invisalign. In as little as three months you could have a perfect white smile!

2. In Dr Peter McQuillan’s opinion, bright white teeth are the most important thing when it comes to having that celebrity smile! Dentist whitening systems are essential to get a good foundation colour on your teeth and Dr Peter always performs this over a two-week period with his patients using at home whitening systems. But to help maintain your beautiful white smile it’s important to keep the stain build-ups we get from food and drink to a minimum. Therefore, he recommends Pro Teeth Whitening charcoal powder. Its ability to help maintain your white teeth and brighten teeth safely at home by removing stain build-ups periodically keeps you on top of that new white look.
But don’t forget, alongside brushing regularly, you should also floss regularly to help keep breath fresh and teeth and gums healthy.

3. Once you’ve got your amazing new smile it’s important we keep it in tip-top condition. So, it makes sense to go and see your dentist every six months for a check-up and your hygienist to keep the teeth clean and your gums looking pink and healthy! Dentists can spot problems usually before they occur in your mouth and get you the help you need to avoid lengthy treatments putting everything right again!


Dr Peter McQuillan's contact Information: 

Website: https://www.harleystreetdentalgroup.org/peter-mcquillan.php
Phone: 0207 626 5981 
Instagram: @harleystreetdentalstudio