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New Year, New Job? Smile Through Your Job Interview with Pro Teeth!

Getting prepared for a new job interview can be nerve-wracking. The night before you'll be stressing over what to wear, how you're travelling to the office the next day and getting a good night's sleep. One thing you might neglect in all your preparations is your smile. We believe that a confident smile can go a long way in a job interview.  The act of smiling translates across all cultures, language barriers and generations. Therefore, a smile is so important in making a good first impression, before any talking has even been done. A brilliant smile as you enter the interview room will show your enthusiasm and self-assurance. It also helps to ease the environment in the room, calming your nerves and...

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Dr Peter McQuillan's Guide to the Perfect Smile!

Dr Peter McQuillan, a renowned cosmetic dentist and facial aesthetic authority, practices from his flagship Harley Street practice in London’s West End. Since graduation, Peter has trained across the world in Advanced Dental Restorative & Implant Dentistry and now shares his knowledge teaching dentists and doctors. His practice, Harley Street Dental Studio, offers the latest Gold Standard in dental care using the most advanced dental technology and techniques to perform minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetic treatments. Peter’s international experience in award-winning clinics focuses on non-surgical facial and dental interventions to achieve a perfect smile. Here are Peter McQuillan’s top three tips for a perfect smile: 1. Straight teeth are a must have for looking good in selfies for...

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Try a 'spooktacular' black toothpaste this Halloween!

It’s nearly the witching hour, but there’s still plenty of time to pick-up a non-sugary Halloween treat – Pro Teeth Whitening’s black toothpaste. Pro Teeth Whitening’s non-abrasive whitening toothpaste contains Activated Charcoal, an effective and safe way to clean and whiten teeth which also helps combat plaque, gum disease and bad breath. The black toothpaste is safe to use twice daily and for best whitening results use in conjunction with other Pro Teeth Whitening products. The Pro Teeth Whitening product range includes, a premium non-abrasive teeth whitening powder which is made from finely ground Activated Charcoal, finely ground coconut shell and Bentonite Clay. This powerful whitening formula helps to absorb the toxins and stains in the teeth without harming the...

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